We offer vector conversion service that generates quality flexible and convenient to use vector formats of your image or file. The vector conversion (vectorizing or vectorising) will go through computer process and cleaned  up manually to generate high quality vector files. We furnish all completed files in .eps and pdf (vector format).

The price depends on your artwork or image. The more complex you artwork or image is the more it will cost to convert and cleaned up. If your image have less than four  solid colors and the shapes do not overlap one another it would cost around $15 to $25. Contact us for a free quote or for questions on any of our services.


Click on the image to view some of the files we have converted. Dont forget to visit our Portfolio page to see samples of all the services we offer here a Lui Designs Surprise AZ.

What is a VECTOR ART?

Vector art is key for many print projects. The best choice for logos and other line art is a VECTOR .eps file . Eps files are typically generated from vector based programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or CorelDraw. Eps files are fully scalable and are not susceptible to distortion. Also, colors are easily specified in vector programs.